Young Engineers

Close shot of two children side by side from just below their shoulders to just above the tops of their heads. Child on left is holding a circuit playground over  each eye with their thumb and index fingers. The back of their hands are facing the camera, covering their cheeks and mouth. Part of this child's face is obscured by the elbow of the child on the right who has their arms in the air and is dangling a circuit playground over each eye. The child's left eye is partially visible. This child is smiling.

There's no better way to get your kid started with electronics than the Adafruit Young Engineers category. These kits, packs, and toys all offer introductions into the world of electronics for aspiring engineers.

A number of Adafruit's beginner kits are also perfect for engineers of all ages. We carry kits like the Drawdio - which turns your pencil into a theremin through conductive tape - and the ever-popular MetroX Classic Kit that, with your help, can get anyone programming METROs at a very young age. Whether you're young, or young at heart, the Adafruit Young Engineers category is perfect for your all your electronics needs!

Circuit Playground

Create with Circuit Playground

Your playground for exploring the world of electronics
Create beautiful, expressive light paintings using the Circuit Playground for long exposure photography.
Blinky bikey fun!
Use infrared IR transmission to blast your targets -- all made with Circuit Playground Express!
Make faster and easier than ever with MakeCode, CSD, CircuitPython or Arduino!
Move your body to play Minecraft!
Circuit Playground Bluefruit: Everything amazing about Circuit Playground, now with the power of Bluetooth!
Turn musical notes into a pretty NeoPixel light show.
Make your own festive (or creatively odd!) snow globe with custom lighting effects and Bluetooth control.


Build with CRICKIT

If your project needs to move, here is the guide to assist you.
Make an interactive miniature golf course
Starting out in robotics, get up and running in a single setting with Adafruit Crickit and Circuit Playground Express
Use blinking light to animate spinning faces, all synced up by Crickit!
Use NeoPixels on your Crickit Projects in MakeCode and CircuitPython
Create beautiful complex harmonic curves with this drawing robot!
Train your cat to press a button and receive a reward
A customizable music box that starts playing when opened
Blinka jumps through a ring of fire, controlled via Bluetooth LE and the Bluefruit LE Connect app!

Things That Glow

Learn to Make Things Glow

Make your design glow
32 NeoPixels atop your Feather
Tile up some full color interactive buttons!
An easy-to-use GIF player for RGB LED matrices
Make your synth nOOdular
Enhance your mask or hat with colored light


Craft Your Own Wearables

Addressable, chainable, delectable!
A tiny television neutralizer
Super simple wearable sparkle
LED ring GPS navigation and timekeeping
Wear a constellation with NeoPixels & GEMMA
Glowing NeoPixel Jewel Eyes
Bluetooth controlled winter wonderland
E-textiles are easy with peel-and-stick conductive fabric tape!
Let your power shine with magic hair that glows when you sing.