Women's History Month: Electronics Designed by Women

The image has a purple, textured background. Celebrating Women Makers is written in all caps in a neon ombre fading from pink to blue

Here at Adafruit, celebrating women makers is our favorite pastime. We've got some fantastic female representation right here in the Adafruit store. Want to do a solid for female makers this month? Shop their products! See below for some of the very best products designed by women Adafruit is currently stocking in the shop. As a bonus, we've included some recently published learn guides by makers in the Adafruit community.

Learn Guides

Easily display status messages with Stream Deck and an RGB Matrix Panel
Light up your eyes with these glasses!
Use CircuitPython to easily control a laser attached to a pan and tilt assembly
Passively mix your active jam sessions
Enhance your mask or hat with colored light
Let CircuitPython guide you wherever you may roam
Let your power shine with magic hair that glows when you sing.
Activate 2d Effects with an ESP32 and WLED
"Oh I've got so much time for sushis."

Chibitronics Greatest Hits

Angled shot of plastic orange clip.
Chibitronics Starter Kit with batteries, LED stickers, book and copper tape
Angled shot of Love to Code Chibi Scope packaging.

More Awesome Designs from Women

Elkei Excellence