Spring Into STEMMA

A photograph of a small green planter in a brown planter sits on a grey/black floor. There is a rectangular, green STEMMA sensor emerging from the soil. It's attached by 4 wires to an Adafruit Metro board, that sits on the floor to the right of the planter. Behind the planter and sensor is an animated, green blue and yellow tie-dye background. Against the background, it says "spring into stemma gift guide" in white letters.

Who doesn't look forward to spring? It improves on nearly every single thing winter has to offer. Sunshine? Check. Warm breezes? Check. People's general mood? Check. Blasting your favorite feel-good playlist (Paul Simon's April She Will Come, Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles, Nina Simone's Spring Is Here ...to name a few)? Check. Opening up the workshop doors and bringing your projects into the daylight? Check. Plants, plants, and more plants? Check. Check. Check. 

That's where STEMMA comes into play. See below for some of our fave STEMMA products and projects, with some spring-focused learn guides to get you started. 

WHAT IS STEMMA? STEMMA is a plug-and-play board and sensor system that lets you quickly plug together various devices and accessories, without any soldering! STEMMA uses 3-pin cables for simple analog and digital devices, like relays and buttons. For more complex sensors and displays, we use a 4-wire I2C connection. For larger boards and devices we use a Grove-compatible connector, for smaller ones we use a Qwiic-compatible connector called STEMMA QT. Check out all of our STEMMA cables and connectors here - make sure to read the product descriptions in full before deciding which ones you'll need.

Devices & Sensors

Controllers & Drivers

Displays and Extras

STEMMA Projects for Spring

Keep your plants happy with an I2C temperature/moisture sensor
Have you heard the good news? It's a STEMMA Speaker!
Build a sensor to remotely track the temperature and humidity (almost) anywhere with an ESP32-S2 Feather, AHT20 and Adafruit.io WipperSnapper
Monitor plant vitals with WipperSnapper
Let CircuitPython guide you wherever you may roam
Use this remote camera trigger to take excellent pictures
Real-Time Clock with 1.2in 7-segment display
Control your LED lights without an app