MakeCode Arcade

The image has an ombre background which fades from blue to purple to pink going left to right. On the left side of the image there are six small squares: three across and three directly under those three. The first square on the top left has a floating hamburger, a floating donut, and a floating slice of pizza. All three food items float above white dinner plates which sit atop a white table. To the right of that square, is another square with a black background and red cherries floating. To the right of that square, is another square with an image of two houses surrounded by green grass and some green trees. One house has a purple roof and a tan driveway in front. The second house has a red roof and a tan driveway in front. On the bottom left of the image, there is another square (it sits directly below the square on the top left with the three floating food items). That square shows a night sky above a red spire. The night sky has small diamond-like stars and purple meteors scattered throughout. To the right of that image is another square, with an image of a grey roadway on top of green grass. There are blue red and yellow cars on the roadway. To the right of that is another square, with the image of a yellow chick floating through a blue sky. Trees and tree trunks also floating in the sky create barriers for the chick to fly around. On the right hand side of the total image there are no dividing square, just free floating images against the ombre background. There is a young female pirate with short brown hair who has a red, sleeveless smock that's belted at the waist. She also has a red kerchief on her head and his wielding a sword and shield. Behind her floats some stars, a saturn-like planet, a hamburger and a purple meteor. To her right, there is a woman with long pink hair and a white dress, who is gasping at a cherry she is holding. To her left, there are floating cherries and a floating slice of pizza. Above her head, is a floating crown. To her right, a yellow chick is busting out of a white gameboy screen. Behind the chick, there is green forest imagery on the gameboy screen.

Everyone grows up wanting to make video games - whether zappin' aliens or exploring underground caverns, video games take us to other worlds to live out fantastic adventures. What isn't a fantastic adventure is how complicated writing game the traditional way can be. It's really hard! 

That's why the MakeCode team came up with Arcade, a drag-n-drop way to develop games that takes care of all the grungy parts and let you get straight to the fun parts. You can write MakeCode Arcade games in any browser, then deploy to a hand-held like the PyBadge, PyGamer or MeowBit. It even works on a Raspberry Pi Zero if you want to play on an HDMI TV! We've got guides to help you get started, even if you've never programmed or designed a game before.




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