MakeCode Arcade

Everyone grows up wanting to make video games - whether zappin' aliens or exploring underground caverns, video games take us to other worlds to live out fantastic adventures. What isn't a fantastic adventure is how complicated writing game the traditional way can be. It's really hard! 

That's why the MakeCode team came up with Arcade, a drag-n-drop way to develop games that takes care of all the grungy parts and let you get straight to the fun parts. You can write MakeCode Arcade games in any browser, then deploy to a hand-held like the PyBadge, PyGamer or MeowBit. It even works on a Raspberry Pi Zero if you want to play on an HDMI TV! We've got guides to help you get started, even if you've never programmed or designed a game before.




Learn Guides

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Create your own arcade games with MakeCode Arcade. No coding experience necessary!
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Create your own space blasting action game in MakeCode Arcade and play it on your Pybadge!
Make your own customized name tag with 3 code blocks in MakeCode Arcade