assortment of keycaps against a pink snowy backdrop

Typing can delight the senses. Touch. Sight. Sound. Your fingertips each contain over 3,000 touch receptors. Your eyes see at roughly 576 megapixels of resolution. Your ears hear a range of frequencies from ~20 Hz to 20,000 Hz at a dynamic range of 0dB to 130dB. 

With all of these sensory inputs, you owe it to yourself to select some keycaps that feel great to the touch, look beautiful, and sound just right as you clack away on your mechanical keyboard or macropad!

We've picked some of our favorite Cherry MX compatible keycaps in a range of profiles for this Keycap Gift Guide, to help you pick the best 'caps for your needs, or as a gift for a mech keeb entusiast in your life!

Picks from JP

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