Beginner's Gift Guide: $100 or Less

Shop our Beginner's Gift Guide for items $100 or less. Image of of smiling AdaBot robot holding green gift wrapped box and similar box on top of head.

Here at Adafruit we want everyone to have access to tinkering and learning. If you're looking for great gifts for your favorite newbies or just easy fun for an experienced maker, these are some of our favorite beginner items that are also super affordable. 

Circuit Playground Under $100

AdaBox Under $100




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Adafruit's Wearables Platform
Your playground for exploring the world of electronics
Make faster and easier than ever with MakeCode, CSD, CircuitPython or Arduino!
Your turn to operate! Perform surgery on Adabot, but be careful not to touch the sides or the buzzer will sound!!!
Shark mask that starts chomping in response to your voice!
Don't be afraid, this animated box just wants you to offer you some Halloween goodies!
Sew up a little warmth and seasonal cheer with a string of LEDs or programmable NeoPixels!
Get up and running with programmable LEDs -- no soldering required!
Decorate your Mermaid Grotto with No Coding Required
Use the CLUE and its sensors to super charge the Ring:Bit Buggy
Do the batty bat with CircuitPython
Neon-like ornament in the shape of a snowflake
Scroll the time remaining until your next exciting event!
Cloudy with a chance of sprites
Enhance your mask or hat with colored light
Bring your New Year Decorations to Life with MakeCode
Bo-Katan LED Headband