Back to School: Projects

Adabot is driving a flying car through a city with skyscrapers in the background

As quickly as it arrived, summer vacation is drawing to a close. To help kick off #BacktoSchool month we’ve compiled some of our favorite Adafruit project and guides to help get your favorite student excited for the new school year! These picks are great for all ages; our Circuit Python kits and Gemma packs will get your favorite maker started on projects that anyone can appreciate.


Don’t forget to take a look at the projects/kits category in the Adafruit Store and our searchable Adafruit learning system full of online tutorials! Happy making!

Project Kits

Circuit Playground Kits


A collection of electronic parts included in kit.
A collection of electronic parts included in kit.
Kit contents shot with circular microcontroller with copper pads, needles, coin cell battery holder, sewable LEDs, micro USB to USB-A cable, alligator clips, and conductive sewing thread.

Learn Guides

Drawdio: A pencil that lets you draw with music!
Create a full scale tone piano using CircuitPython, capacitive touch and some cute little fruits.
Learn how to use the micro:bit's built-in accelerometer and magnetometer.