Back to School Gift Guide: Kits and Projects for Educators

Whether you’re teaching from home or teaching at school, we’ve listed our top picks to help you keep learning cool. If you’re in need of a project or kit, we’ve got just what you need for that perfect classroom fit. Make it walk or make it glow, learn about which boards are best to help you guide your students’ growth. So now that we’ve gotten that aside, scroll down below for our Kits and Projects for Educators Back to School Gift Guide!

We'll kick this off with one of our favorite categories in the Adafruit Learning System - the Circuit Playground series!



Guides for Educators

All you need to know to get coding with Microsoft MakeCode
Use simple online tools and apps to make your own puzzles!
Learn to build mechanisms, structures, and more with cardboard!
Want to teach kids to use microcontrollers? This guide is for you!
Make Programming Lessons More Productive!
Todo lo que necesitas saber para comenzar a programar con MakeCode de Microsoft

Guides for the Classroom

Chibitronics Trapper Keeper
Harness the power of the Adafruit Metro by making 18 Circuits!
Animate your goggles with NeoPixel rings controlled by a Gemma M0 running CircuitPython
If your project needs to move, here is the guide to assist you.
Create a fun game of chance with MakeCode and Circuit Playground Express
E-textiles are easy with peel-and-stick conductive fabric tape!
Where in the world is the International Space Station?
Build an illuminated fish that hangs from your ceiling and gracefully waves its fins
Monitor your plant's vitals by combining CircuitPython with Microsoft Azure IoT
Navigate your marble through this robotically controlled maze!
Your Circuit Playground Express can draw beautiful circles, diamonds, sine waves and more for you as a perfect paint program assistant!
An anatomical Heart that beats using simple mechanical motion
Build a buzzing gameboard that teaches simple circuits -- great for kids and classes!