Back to School Gift Guide: Group Projects for Students

AdaBot wears a purple backback and faces away from the viewer towards a large chahlkboard that says "Back to School" in all capital letters.

Learning is so much better when we're doing it together (well, almost always better, unless your group likes to slack off, but we prefer to look on the brightside)! Anyway, to help kick off #BacktoSchool month here's a quick look at some of our favorite Adafruit kits and guides for great group projects! Don't forget to take a look at our projects/kits category in the Adafruit Store and our searchable Adafruit learning system full of online tutorials!

Just note that the guides listed here do correspond to many of the products listed here. It is not, however, completely comprehensive and meant to be more of an inspiration for a starting point. We recommend reading the Learn Guides in full and checking out the full list of featured products needed for each project. Happy making!

Project Kits

Circuit Playground Kits

Learn Guides

Drawdio: A pencil that lets you draw with music!
Make any toy make simple sound!
Chibitronics Trapper Keeper
Start to make a new robot friend using MakeCode, Crickit, and micro:bit
Create a full scale tone piano using CircuitPython, capacitive touch and some cute little fruits.
Build a Touch Sense Lamp from a Coffee Cup!
Shark mask that starts chomping in response to your voice!
Show off your Ice Queen Powers with Circuit Playground and Adafruit's Gizmo
Make Programming Lessons More Productive!
Twelve buttons, an OLED, and rotary encoder - it's the MacroPad RP2040!
Unleash your inner music producer with the MacroPad Live Launcher

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