Adafruit Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Gifts For A Special Someone

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means you’re probably thinking about what to treat your special someone(s) with. It can be tricky picking out the right gift so we thought we’d do our best to give ya a hand!

For folks looking to help someone get those very specific last few items to finish up that build-that’s-been-waiting-politely-for-some-TLC we highly recommend Adafruit Gift Certificates.

If your ❤️ is into making and is looking for something new, scroll down to see some of our fav products and guides from the Adafruit Learning System!





💘 Learning Projects 💘

Light up your valentine'ss geeky heart
Make custom chocolate treats with 3D printing!
Wear your heart on your... lapel!
Train your cat to press a button and receive a reward
Create a map that plays audio clips when different areas of the map are touched
Just like those chalky hearts that show up around Valentines.