Adafruit Holiday Gift Guide: Machine Learning

four electronics boards against a snowy backdrop, with pink, blue and green lighting

Machine learning has come to the 'edge', but you don't need super complex hardware to start developing your own TensorFlow models! We've curated a shopping guide to dip your toes into machine learning waters.

We've got a range of Machine Learning boards. From the advanced Coral Dev Board single-board computer that's ideal when you need to perform fast machine learning (ML) inferencing in a small form factor, to small microcontrollers like the EdgeBadge that can run a very miniature version of TensorFlow Lite to do ML computations. 

Machine Learning Kits

AI Edge Boards

Powerful Edge Boards


Get going quickly with your TensorFlow Lite kit!
Automatic object detection on the Raspberry Pi using TensorFlow Lite
Try out object recognition in a few clicks using your webcam and Google's Colaboratory.
Watch TensorFlow identify and box everyday objects using your phone or computer's camera.
Bite-sized machine learning for beginners!
Deploy your Lobe models on a Raspberry Pi with BrainCraft
Making your own Voice Assistant that runs right on the Raspberry Pi
Detect when your cat goes up on the counter using Machine Learning with Microsoft Lobe