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Adafruit Holiday Gift Guide: LEDs & NeoPixels

What’s more fun than a single blinking LED? How about rings, strips, panels, and matrices of LEDs? In Adafruit’s LEDs gift guide, you’ll find all those varieties and more to help get your project bright and colorful. For a wide variety of project ideas, check out the LED section of the Learn System. Or just start with Adafruit’s LED selection - the best way to get blinky! 

Flexible Strips

Fun Shapes


Lots o LEDS!


A detailed introduction on how to use LEDs
Fashion headwear for cyberpunks, steampunks and Daft Punks.
Everything you always wanted to know about Adafruit NeoPixels but were afraid to ask
Light up your drums with sound.
Wear a crown of LEDs for your birthday or prom!
Upgrade your ride with lots, and lots of NeoPixels!
How to control NeoPixel LEDs with Python on a Raspberry Pi!
LEDs are glowing crystals!