Adafruit Holiday Gift Guide: IoT & Adafruit IO

Need a new way to spend your holidays this year? Get your head in the clouds with Adafruit IO! 


It's the Internet of the Things! IoT services abound, whether you want to use Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Particle or Adafruit IO...we've got you covered with plenty of Internet-friendly kits and boards. Just starting?  Adafruit IO is the easiest way to stream, log, and interact with your data. Whether you're interesting in datalogging or communicating with your microcontroller over the web, Adafruit IO is our cloud service built from the ground up.


IoT Ready Boards

Gifts for Anyone


Transports: Power, Distance, and Bits
Want to connect your project to the Internet? Start Here!
Wake up on time, see what the weather is, and start your robot coffee maker... all before getting out of bed.
Using the Analog Devices ADT7410 and CircuitPython to create an IoT Temperature logger
Monitor your plant's vitals by combining CircuitPython with Microsoft Azure IoT
Create your own secure Smart Home Hub with HASSio, MQTT, Node Red, and more...
Monitor your plant's vitals by combining CircuitPython with Google Cloud Core IoT
Give your succulents some smarts by combining AWS IoT and CircuitPython
Lovely 8-Bit Weather Graphics
Hands-free temperature monitoring means you can sleep soundly.