Adafruit Holiday Gift Guide: Feather

Fly into the holiday festivities with some Adafruit Feather fun! Check out our faves below and read on if you want to learn more about our Feather-verse.

Wouldn't it be great if, instead of collecting shields, HATs, PMODs, Clicks, Booster Packs, Props... you could have a cross-compatible platform? Something that doesn't force you into one chipset? and allows you to mix-and-match the microcontroller, wireless protocol, and functional extensions?

Yeah, me too! That's why we created Feather. Feather is a flexible and powerful family of microcontroller main-boards (Feathers) and daughter-boards (Wings) with a wide range of capabilities.

We have dozens of Feather mainboards, from the basic 8-bit AVR to the powerful Cortex M4s. Pick from the large selection of FeatherWing add-ons to add sensors, displays, and control outputs.




Feather Power!
Crisp and clear display for any of your Feathers
Where are your Feathers at? Now you know!
Get started now with our most powerful Bluefruit board yet!
Boards of a Feather flock together!
WiFi, Bluetooth, peripherals galore!