Adafruit Gift Guide: Wearables

A picture of a light purple AdaBot robot holding a magenta gift box tied with a purple bow. He is wearing green neopixe goggles. He is set against a green background and is on the left side of the image. To his right, it says WEARABLES GIFT GUIDE in neon blue text.

We’ve tailored this gift guide for those who love making and wearables! Adafruit has the projects and accessories to take your cosplay or wearables project to the next level. Here are some recommended gifts for the cosplayer or wearables enthusiast in your life, including FLORA and GEMMA sewable microcontrollers, all-in-one packs, and more perfect for all skill levels!



Electroluminescent materials

Conductive Textiles

Other Accessories and Add-ons


Wearables Projects

Fashion headwear for cyberpunks, steampunks and Daft Punks.
NeoPixel Ring Bling
Bring your own rainbow
Your new favorite LED sneakers
Get up and running with programmable LEDs -- no soldering required!
Clue into your daily step count!
Have fun with your face mask -- add a light-up "mouth!"
Enhance your mask or hat with colored light
Build UltraHand with LED Noodles