Adafruit Gift Guide: Mother's Day

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Ah, Mother’s Day, one of the trickier days of the year. We’ve put together this list of some of our favorite items in the Adafruit Shop and guides from the Adafruit Learning System that we hope you'll find useful for however you choose to navigate the day!

Adafruit IO: Products

Adafruit IO: Guides

Want to connect your project to the Internet? Start Here!
Easily display status messages with Stream Deck and an RGB Matrix Panel
Add scheduling logic to your IoT Project
Breathe easy by building an IoT Air Quality Monitor
Get notified every time your plant needs water
New to Adafruit IO WipperSnapper? Start here.
Always know if your door is open or closed with Adafruit IO WipperSnapper
Controlling electronic devices with the magic of the internet!
Know when a room is vacant or occupied.

CircuitPython: Products

CircuitPython: Guides

Easily monitor ambient carbon dioxide levels!
From Zoom calls to SciFi effects films, you can do it all with a DIY chromakey background
Decorate your nursery with sound reactive fun
Minecraft commands at the press of a button
Get your daily motivation with this project
Use NeoPixel Rings to make a modern style looking lamp!
Please excuse me, I've got to take this call.
Make an audio reactive display
Sometimes we need a little motivation to keep moving
Make a self-contained Dial-a-Song telephone and call your favorite songs!
Make a glowy gem with NeoPixels
Pedal to the metal

Wearables: Products

Wearables: Guides

Bring your own rainbow
SMS TXT scroller on a NeoPixel Matrix with Fona + Flora
Animate your goggles with NeoPixel rings controlled by a Gemma M0 running CircuitPython
Wireless control NeoPixels on your wearables!
Lovely wearable LEDs extend as far as the eye can see
Adafruit Feather Gives You Wings!
Light up your eyes with these glasses!
Let the world know about someone worth celebrating!
Light up the dance floor with a gradient color pattern driven by the colors around you!
Build ear bud holders in the shape of Elf Ears!
A pair of Flower brooches connected via BLE to wear with your loved ones.
Control your games and streaming sessions with a BLE remote