Adafruit Gift Guide: Kits

Adafruit Kits & Projects are fun and exciting electronics projects for makers of all ages! These unique kits are not only stylish and useful, they're also an excellent introduction to building electronics and a challenge for those who're seeking one! We’ve put together this list of some of our favorite kits in the Adafruit shop and hope you find some inspo in our Adafruit Learning System!

Circuit Playground



Raspberry Pi


Learn Guides

Build an "Internet of Things" connected mini printer that will do your bidding!
Stitch a glowing circuit with conductive thread
A tiny tribute to classic 1980s games
Portable RetroPi with the smallest Pi yet
The world's most esoteric Pi accessory?
Build a full-scale arcade controller for your pocket-scale Arduboy!
Glitter, NeoPixels and music!
Allows your plants to let you know when they need a drink.
Watch advertisements get blocked from your entire network, in real-time!
Make and learn with this course on MakeCode and Circuit Playground Express
Use your write to tilt the ball to stay on the moving platforms
Demonstrates the TwoPlayerGame library for creating two player games on PyGamer and an RF connection.
An easy-to-use GIF player for RGB LED matrices
Never miss a meeting again!
Twelve buttons, an OLED, and rotary encoder - it's the MacroPad RP2040!