Adafruit Gift Guide: Graduation

With graduation ceremonies across the country, and the world, canceled due to social distancing measures enacted to protect against the spread of COVID-19, it's only natural for students to feel a heightened level of malaise -  but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot to celebrate. Graduations are an exciting milestone! Don't miss the chance to applaud the ones you love on a job well done and help them look forward to the next phase, whatever that may be.

Check out the list below for some of our favorite grad-centric products and projects. There are lots of projects and kits on here - that's intentional. Maybe use all this time at home together to finally get around to that ever-elusive bonding session you've been putting off. Build something together, make something together, hang in there, and help each other get excited about the future - there is a lot to be proud of, and there are most definitely some happy, carefree days ahead.

Digital Gifts

Dorm Room Showstoppers

Workshop Essentials

Our Fave Flair


Mod up your style!
Secure your accounts with a PyPortal Authentication Friend
There is no better way to visualize cloud data than with an actual cloud.
Build your own Apex Legends Pathfinder robot friend with PyPortal and Circuit Python
Activate a 20 second timer and scrub those paws!
Spark creativity with randomized instructions
Clue into your daily step count!
Control A/C devices from Adafruit IO
A predictive maintenance freezer monitor power by a Feather Huzzah32 and TensorFlow Lite.
Never miss a meeting again!
Easily monitor ambient carbon dioxide levels!
Use a gas sensor to help check milk freshness.
Use the motion sensor to automatically turn on a fan or light
Control WiFi light bulbs with FunHouse and a PIR sensor