Circuit Playground is a low-cost educational platform designed specifically with students in mind. We set out to design the ideal all-in-one board, with built-in LEDs and sensors, to help enable students to learn both physical computing and coding.

QTY DISCOUNTS: 1-9: $19.95 / 10-99: $17.96 / 100+: $15.96

There are a lot of educational boards out there. Here are some of the reasons that set Circuit Playground apart:

  • Circuit Playground is designed for solderless projects. The pads around the outside of the board are alligator-clip friendly, which means that no soldering or sewing skills are required.
  • Circuit Playground can be powered through a USB or by a battery pack which means that it's perfect for taking a project on the go.
  • Circuit Playground has built-in USB support - which means that if you just plug in your board it will immediately show up on your computer. All you really need is a Micro-B USB Cable - so no additional purchases are necessary.
  • Circuit Playground has NeoPixels (tiny, programmable lights!), a motion sensor, a temperature sensor, a light sensor, a sound sensor, a speaker, two push buttons, and a slide switch on board - meaning there are tons of different projects you can do to keep students occupied without having to purchase expensive add-ons.
  • Circuit Playground works on the Arduino IDE as well as on CodeBender. CodeBender. We have a detailed tutorial on how to set up your Circuit Playground here.

...and there's lots more to come. We want Circuit Playground to work for all age ranges and skill spectrums. For that reason, we're going to keep adding accessories and add-ons for Circuit Playground that will allow users to keep learning as their coding and computing skills improve. For those reasons, we think Circuit Playground's the perfect board for educators and ideal for students of all skill levels.

Looking for the Circuit Playground app? Click here!

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