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Prototyping is easier than you think with littleBits! No soldering, no programming and no wiring needed. Just snap together these magnetic circuit boards and get ready for some creative fun with modular electronics. Each piece has a different function from light and sound to motors and pulses. These kits come with instruction sheets and project ideas to get you started. Visit the littleBits community for more project ideas and don't forget to post your "dream bit" to their site!

LittleBits Sequencer Module

Product ID: 2009
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littleBits cloudBit Module

Product ID: 2330

littleBits cloudBit Starter Kit

Product ID: 2016

littleBits Deluxe Kit

Product ID: 1579

littleBits KORG Synth Kit

Product ID: 1635

littleBits Base Kit

Product ID: 1659

littleBits Space Kit

Product ID: 1836

LittleBits Arduino Module

Product ID: 1888

LittleBits Arduino Coding Kit

Product ID: 1889