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Hand holding a soldering iron

One of the most important tools of any maker is the soldering iron. Using a bad soldering iron can make soldering more difficult than it should be. Bad soldering irons take forever to heat up, are bulky, and are inconsistent at holding temperature. Thankfully all of the soldering irons at Adafruit have been tried and tested to be frustration free.

Even our lowest priced soldering irons make soldering jobs a breeze. Take your soldering skills to the next level with a digital Hakko soldering iron, or solder/desolder surface mounted chips with one of our hot air rework stations. We also sell a wide range of solder suckers, brass sponges for cleaning soldering iron tips, and more!

Ladyada's Electronics Toolkit

Product ID: 136
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Adjustable 30W 110V soldering iron - XY-258 110V

Product ID: 180
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Engineer Professional Silicone-Tip Solder Sucker

Product ID: 1597
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Solder sucker

Product ID: 148
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Hot Air Soldering Rework Station w/ Three Nozzles - Quick 957DW+

Product ID: 1869
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Solder wick - 1.5mm wide and 1.5m / 5 feet long

Product ID: 149
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Hakko Brass Sponge Solder Tip Cleaner

Product ID: 1172
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Solder Spool - 1/4 lb SAC305 RoHS lead-free / 0.031" rosin-core - 0.25 lb / 100 g

Product ID: 734
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Deluxe Solder Stand with Solder Roll Holder

Product ID: 1154
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Solder Wire - 60/40 Rosin Core - 0.5mm/0.02" diameter - 50 grams

Product ID: 1886
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Hakko Soldering Tip: T18-C2 Hoof - For Lead or Lead-Free Use

Product ID: 1248
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Hakko Soldering Tip: T18-D16 Screwdriver - For Lead or Lead-Free

Product ID: 1250
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Solder Wire - SAC305 RoHS Lead Free - 0.5mm/.02" diameter - 50g

Product ID: 1930
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Solder Wire - RoHS Lead Free - 0.5mm/.02" diameter - 50g

Product ID: 2473
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Replacement Tubes for Professional Silicone-Tip Solder Sucker - SS-02

Product ID: 2476
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Chip Quik SMD Removal Kit with Lead-Free Alloy - SMD1NL

Product ID: 2668
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Chip Quik SMD Removal Kit - SMD1

Product ID: 2660
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Chip Quik Tack Flux 10cc Syringe with Plunger and Tip - SMD291

Product ID: 2667
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Insulated Silicone Rework Mat - 34cm x 23cm x 4mm Work Surface - Blue

Product ID: 3536
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Solder Wire Holder Stand - TJ-227

Product ID: 4406
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Adjustable 60W Pen-Style Soldering Iron - 120VAC USA Plug - BEST 102C

Product ID: 3685
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Chip Quik No-Clean Liquid Flux Pen – 10ml Pen w/ Tip - CQ4LF

Product ID: 3468
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Square 60mm x 60mm Soldering Sponge – 3 Pack

Product ID: 3540
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Stickvise High Temperature PTFE Jaws (pair)

Product ID: 3198
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Carbon Filter for Solder Smoke Absorption

Product ID: 3836
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Metal Rework Station Stand with Two Clips and Four PCB Holders

Product ID: 5253
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Maker Paste - Low Temperature Lead-Free Prototyping Solder Paste

Product ID: 3217
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Heavy Stainless Steel PCB Circuit Board Holder

Product ID: 3718
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Fully Adjustable PCB Clamp Holder - Pro's Kit SN-390

Product ID: 3791
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Adjustable 60W Pen-Style Soldering Iron - 220VAC UK Plug - BEST 102C

Product ID: 3759
59 in stock

Anti-Static ESD Rework Mat with Grounding Clip - A4 Size - 20cm x 30cm

Product ID: 4405
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Solder Wick - 0.8mm wide and 1.5m / 5 feet long

Product ID: 4456
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Stickvise Part Lifter (pack of 2)

Product ID: 4705
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Hot Air Helper Rework Station Plate with Two Ring Clamps

Product ID: 5286
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Quick 861DW Hot Air Soldering Rework Station w/ Three Nozzles

Product ID: 3941
15 in stock

USB C Powered Soldering Iron - Adjustable Temperature Pen-Style - TS80P

Product ID: 4244
26 in stock

Heating Core Replacement for Quick 957DW+ Hot Air Rework Station

Product ID: 5655
13 in stock

Digital Genuine Hakko FX-888D (936 upgrade) - FX-888D

Product ID: 1204

Panavise Jr. - PV-201

Product ID: 151

Helping Third Hand Magnifier W/Magnifying Glass Tool - MZ101

Product ID: 291

Mini Solder spool - 60/40 lead rosin-core solder 0.031" diameter - 100g

Product ID: 145

Soldering iron stand

Product ID: 150

Hakko Soldering Tip: T18-S4 Fine SMD - For Lead or Lead-Free Use

Product ID: 1249

Hakko Soldering Tip: T18-D24 Screwdriver - For Lead or Lead-Free

Product ID: 1286

ATTEN 65-Watt Soldering Iron With Digital Adjustable Temperature - ST-2065D 110V

Product ID: 4695

Quick NK-850 Hot Air Rework Conversion Nozzle

Product ID: 5725

Mini Hot Plate Preheater with USB C Power Supply

Product ID: 4948

ATTEN 80W 110V Soldering Iron With Station - ST-2090D

Product ID: 4921

10-piece Hot Air Rework Soldering Nozzle Kit

Product ID: 3596

Lead-Free Hot Air Gun Soldering Rework Station w/ Four Nozzles - ATTEN ST-862D

Product ID: 5238

Panavise Multi-Purpose Work Center - PV-350

Product ID: 2452
2 in stock

Atten 50-Watt Soldering Iron - SA-50

Product ID: 2163

Genuine Hakko FX-888 (936 upgrade) - FX-888

Product ID: 303

ATTEN 50W 110V Soldering Iron With Station - AT-937

Product ID: 3565

Hakko FX-600 50-Watt Adjustable Soldering Iron

Product ID: 3037

Super Fancy Third Hand Kit from Hobby Creek with Four Arms

Product ID: 2474

Chip Quik Conductive Paint Kit with Plunger and Tips - 5 Grams - CP1-5S

Product ID: 3469

Mini Hand from Hobby Creek with Two Arms

Product ID: 2740

Third Hand Pana Hand Workstation Add-On for Panavise

Product ID: 3019

Miniature Desktop Fan - 12V

Product ID: 3544

Hobby Creek Magnetic Helper Hand

Product ID: 3373

Adjustable 60W Pen-Style Soldering Iron - 220VAC Euro Plug - BEST 102C

Product ID: 3760

Hobby Creek Mag Hand Professional Workstation

Product ID: 3529