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Front view of a Rigol DP832 desktop digital power supply with the digital screen turned on.

In this category you will find everything from neat little panel mountable meters, to the super high end Rigol DP832 195 watt power supply, and everything in-between.

If you need to power a project, or want to monitor current, voltage, or temperature in your project, we have a product to help you out.

Mini 3-wire Volt Meter (0 - 99.9VDC)

Product ID: 705
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Panel Volt Meter - 4.5V to 30VDC

Product ID: 575
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Panel Current Meter - 0 to 9.99A

Product ID: 574
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Panel Temperature Meter / -30 to +70 °C

Product ID: 576
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Mini 2-wire Volt Meter (2.7 - 40 VDC)

Product ID: 460
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Mini Power Meter with Voltage, Current, Watts, mAh & mWh Display

Product ID: 3624
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Large Panel-Mount Digital Power Meter - 6.5V to 100VDC up to 20A

Product ID: 3626
75 in stock

Single Li-Ion and LiPoly Battery Power Meter

Product ID: 5383

Triple Output 195 Watt Power Supply - 30V, 30V, 5V @ 3A - DP832

Product ID: 2014

Adafruit USB Power Gauge Mini-Kit

Product ID: 1549

FriedCircuits USB Tester v2.0

Product ID: 1456

EEVblog uCurrent - Precision nA Current Measurement Assistant - v3

Product ID: 882