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Top view of a red Bus Pirate version 3.6 circuit board.

The ultimate debugging tool for electronics, this oscilloscope will turn you into a "Circuit Whisperer". You will be able to peer into the workings of your circuits to better understand them. Difficult problems will suddenly become trivial.

In this category you will find a wide range of oscilliscopes and related accessories. From small pocket sized oscilliscopes to large digital desktop oscilliscopes.

Adafruit USB Isolator - 100mA Isolated Low/Full Speed USB

Product ID: 2107
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Oscilloscope Probe 100MHz

Product ID: 1528
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Digilent Analog Discovery 2 USB Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer

Product ID: 4652
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1 GS/s 50MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope - Rigol DS1052E - Rigol DS1052E

Product ID: 681

DSO Nano v3 - Pocket-size color digital oscilloscope - v3.0

Product ID: 468

1 GS/s 50 MHz 4-channel Digital Oscilloscope - Rigol DS1054Z - Rigol DS1054Z

Product ID: 2145

BitScope Micro USB

Product ID: 2053

1 GS/s 100MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope + Extras - DS1102E - DS1102E

Product ID: 1987

Bus Pirate - BPv3.6 - v3.6

Product ID: 237