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Panavise small desktop vise holding a blue Arduino prototyping board

Soldering can be made much easier with the right tools. The best way to make soldering less difficult is go get a good quality soldering iron, flux, good solder, and a proper way to hold whatever it is your are soldering.

This category is all about ways to hold onto circuit boards and wires so you can focus on getting quality solder joints. We have the old school standard helping third hand, and a wide range of PCB clamps like this Panavise. We also have products that combine the vise and the third hands in one handy little setup.

Helping Third Hand Magnifier W/Magnifying Glass Tool - MZ101

Product ID: 291
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Fully Adjustable PCB Clamp Holder - Pro's Kit SN-390

Product ID: 3791
89 in stock

Panavise Jr. - PV-201

Product ID: 151
87 in stock

Metal Rework Station Stand with Two Clips and Four PCB Holders

Product ID: 5253
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Heavy Stainless Steel PCB Circuit Board Holder

Product ID: 3718
78 in stock

Hobby Creek Mag Hand Professional Workstation

Product ID: 3529

Panavise Multi-Purpose Work Center - PV-350

Product ID: 2452

Super Fancy Third Hand Kit from Hobby Creek with Four Arms

Product ID: 2474

Mini Hand from Hobby Creek with Two Arms

Product ID: 2740

Third Hand Pana Hand Workstation Add-On for Panavise

Product ID: 3019

Hobby Creek Magnetic Helper Hand

Product ID: 3373