Tools / Essentials

a top view of the ProsKit circuit board holder demonstrated holding a blue printed circuit board

Here you will find all of the essentials you need to outfit your electronics workshop. This category has a little bit of everything. Many of the products here, like the helping hands and PCB holders, or the silicone rework mat are used daily here at Adafruit HQ.

If you are brand new to electronics, we also carry Ladyada's Electronics Tookit, which is a set of the most important electronics tools to get you started. All of them hand-picked by Ladyada herself.

Adafruit PCB Ruler v2 - 6"

Product ID: 1554
In stock

Panavise Multi-Purpose Work Center - PV-350

Product ID: 2452
18 in stock

Black Nylon Machine Screw and Stand-off Set – M2.5 Thread

Product ID: 3299
In stock

Insulated Silicone Rework Mat - 34cm x 23cm x 4mm Work Surface - Blue

Product ID: 3536
In stock

Pre-Cut Multi-Colored Heat Shrink Pack Kit - 280 pcs

Product ID: 4559
In stock

Stickvise PCB Vise

Product ID: 3197
89 in stock

Square 60mm x 60mm Soldering Sponge – 3 Pack

Product ID: 3540
2 in stock

Miniware DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers

Product ID: 4774
58 in stock

Fully Adjustable PCB Clamp Holder - Pro's Kit SN-390

Product ID: 3791
21 in stock

White Nylon Machine Screw and Stand-off Set – M2.5 Thread

Product ID: 3658
In stock

Black Nylon Machine Screw and Stand-off Set – M3 Thread

Product ID: 4685
In stock

Stickvise High Temperature PTFE Jaws (pair)

Product ID: 3198
16 in stock

iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

Product ID: 3445
51 in stock

Stickvise Part Lifter (pack of 2)

Product ID: 4705
31 in stock

USB Key Key - 2GB

Product ID: 3714
35 in stock

Heavy Stainless Steel PCB Circuit Board Holder

Product ID: 3718
41 in stock

10-piece Hot Air Rework Soldering Nozzle Kit

Product ID: 3596
42 in stock

Ladyada's Electronics Toolkit

Product ID: 136
Out of stock

Digital Genuine Hakko FX-888D (936 upgrade) - FX-888D

Product ID: 1204
Out of stock

Metal Rework Station Stand with Two Clips and Four PCB Holders

Product ID: 5253
Out of stock

Slice Auto-Retractable Pen Cutter with Ceramic Blade

Product ID: 4307
Out of stock

Basic Lock-sport Pick Set - 9 Picks and 2 Wrenches

Product ID: 3806
Out of stock

ATTEN 50W 110V Soldering Iron With Station - AT-937

Product ID: 3565
Out of stock

ATTEN 80W 110V Soldering Iron With Station - ST-2090D

Product ID: 4921
Out of stock

Slice Mini Cutter with Ceramic Blade

Product ID: 4305
Out of stock

FIDO2 U2F Security Key - U2F USB 2-Step Authentication Security

Product ID: 3363
Out of stock

Super Fancy Third Hand Kit from Hobby Creek with Four Arms

Product ID: 2474
17 in stock

Third Hand Pana Hand Workstation Add-On for Panavise

Product ID: 3019
49 in stock

Hobby Creek Mag Hand Professional Workstation

Product ID: 3529
7 in stock

Midnight hacker - Pocket electrician

Product ID: 36

Mitutoyo - Absolute Digimatic Digital Calipers, 6 in. - 500-196-30

Product ID: 294

Lockitron Motorized Door Lock Body

Product ID: 2579

Octopart Pocket Electronics Reference PCB

Product ID: 1797

Miniature Desktop Fan - 12V

Product ID: 3544

Fancy Lock-sport Pick Set - 12 Picks and 3 Wrenches

Product ID: 3805

Hobby Creek Magnetic Helper Hand

Product ID: 3373

NumWorks Graphing Calculator

Product ID: 3790

Mini Hand from Hobby Creek with Two Arms

Product ID: 2740