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Hand holding the nozzle of a hot air rework station which is aimed at a small populated circuit board held in a small vice

If you've ever made a mistake when surface-mount soldering, you'll know how much of a pain it can be to fix it without the right tools. It can add critical time to a project and can seriously stymie your soldering momentum if you run into a bad component or a faulty reflow.

With these quality hot air stations, you can easily rework your boards and get your project back on track. It's also possible to use solder paste (in a syringe for example) to apply paste and then blow hot air over it to melt the solder and get the components into place.

Lead-Free Hot Air Gun Soldering Rework Station w/ Four Nozzles - ATTEN ST-862D

Product ID: 5238
41 in stock

Hot Air Helper Rework Station Plate with Two Ring Clamps

Product ID: 5286
60 in stock

10-piece Hot Air Rework Soldering Nozzle Kit

Product ID: 3596
46 in stock

Heating Core Replacement for Quick 957DW+ Hot Air Rework Station

Product ID: 5655
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Hot Air Soldering Rework Station w/ Three Nozzles - Quick 957DW+

Product ID: 1869

Quick NK-850 Hot Air Rework Conversion Nozzle

Product ID: 5725

Quick 861DW Hot Air Soldering Rework Station w/ Three Nozzles

Product ID: 3941