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You know who you are. You are a passionate open source devotee, so why shouldn't the OS running your phone or tablet be open source, too? Maybe you are a huge fan of the wild rush of software/hardware creativity racing into the Android space -- with a million apps to choose from and counting. Or maybe you are just a really big fan of the little green robot. (We are, too.)

From time to time, maker/hacker hardware becomes available for this space -- and when we are able to offer an item, we collect it here! And check out our Android skill badges and stickers for you to award to yourself or a friend who has taken advantage of Android's open development opportunities.

USB cable - USB A to Micro-B - 3 foot long

Product ID: 592
In stock

Arduino Mega R3 Android Accessory Development Kit (ADK) Board - ATmega2560 ADK R3

Product ID: 563

IOIO Mint - Portable Android Development Kit

Product ID: 885

USB cable - A/MiniB - 3ft

Product ID: 260

Android - Skill badge, iron-on patch

Product ID: 551

Android - Sticker!

Product ID: 686

Project Kit for Android Things™

Product ID: 3227

Raspberry Pi 3 Board Pack for Android Things™

Product ID: 3292