January 21, 2013 AT 1:00 am

Custom NES Controller — As Seen on Adafruit Show & Tell!


Last week on Electronics Show and Tell we had another visit from the talented Guillermo Amaral who shared with us custom NES controller board he had put together using a bunch of Adafruit components. While this controller is in fact for a NES system, we were excited to hear that this is also part of his ongoing project to use a Raspberry Pi to record NES gameplay, potentially to save and then playback on the NES or a NES emulator. Visit his site to see lots of photos and details from the project in progress!

I recently found myself with a surplus of Adafruit Industries components, I decided to put a few of them to good use by making a custom NES controller.



The design is fairly simple, the only difference between it and a standard controller would be the use of the Center pin on the navigation switch as the Select button….

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NES Controller Eagle File


SHOW AND TELL 1/12/2013 (video).


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