February 29, 2012 AT 10:44 am

How (not) to sell PCBs


Ian has an interesting on what *not* to do for PCB sales “How (not) to sell PCBs: PCB drawer first year sales breakdown” @ Dangerous Prototypes.

With $66.40 of profit we can’t cover our existing costs like the remaining PCBs ($75), envelopes ($12.60), and warehousing costs ($15). In the end we’re $36 bucks in the hole in this experiment.


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  1. Those fulfillment warehouses make use of what boils down to slave labor. There is an article in the current Mother Jones News on just how bad working in one of those places is. It’s enough to really make me think twice of buying stuff from Amazon.com anymore. If I ever start an online retail business venture I’d rather do the shipping myself than give those warehouses my money, I’d sleep better at night.

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