April 22, 2011 AT 12:11 am

TV-B-Gone Arduino workshop notes!

Pt 10965

Want to run your own TV-B-Gone Arduino workshop? Here are some great notes and tips from Mitch!

The BoArduinos (and FTDI cables) were way popular because I use them for a workshop I’ve given three times (more than 50 people each time) now that is way super popular:  Arduino For Total Newbies Workshop (using TV-B-Gone as an example project).  I created a website to show how I do the workshop so others can do it, too…



  1. Very interesting. I followed the link to Ken Shirriff’s blog and noticed the IR library. I used to work for Niles Audio and helped develop their universal home theater remote control system (http://www.nilesaudio.com/ic2/index.php). I’ve wanted to make a simpler version of that for myself but I didn’t know how to implement the IR generator portion of the project. Niles used an ARM processor to handle all of the IR stuff, this was a ‘sealed black box’ to me. The part I worked on was the user interface (Zigbee remote control) and the main processor (Atmega128) that talked to the ARM IR processor, Zigbee radio, and Ethernet LAN (to control Niles’ own equipment via a separate Zigbee or wired network).

  2. This is insanely awesome.
    I never thought I could make this on my own, but one look at the semantics and boom.. it was working

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