December 12, 2010 AT 7:15 pm

The Apple-1 computer operation manual and warranty – 1976

Pt 10655

Pt 10656

The Apple-1 computer operation manual and warranty – 1976 (PDF)… it came with schematics :)



  1. Actually it did NOT come with full schematics, at least the pdf in the link does not have the full schematic. There are some circuit diagrams in there to show how to expand the system though.

  2. @K – please re-read out post we did not say full schematics.

  3. Actually I do remember seeing the complete schematic for both the Apple I and Apple II somewhere, maybe Apple had technical manuals for these computers. Stan V. of the computer shop in NYC back in the 70′s was one of the first dealers to sell Apple computers and I remember seeing the Apple I on sale there. $666.66 was a bit much for a college student back then, but I did get myself some of the OSI-400 blank boards from Stan and built my own computer based on the MOS TIM monitor chip. I got the 6502 and 16K worth of 2102′s at the first Personal Computer Convention in Atlantic City.

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