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You are about to embark on a journey to another dimension, a dimension of curiosity, wonder and creativity. A journey into a wondrous land of electronic invention. Next stop, the ADABOX ZONE!

This Halloween, we're going to strap in and face a future so bright we have to wear LED shades to compete. No matter whether you spend all fall working on a costume, or if you throw on a a party hat before stepping out the door, this ADABOX will complement your look with style: we're at the fore-front of wearable technology with wireless-controllable Bluetooth glasses bedazzled with 116 tiny RGB LEDs.

Thanks to CircuitPython's new wireless programming capability, you can code up motion or sound-reactive patterns over the air! With BLE connectivity you can code even if all you've got is a phone or tablet.

This ADABOX comes to us courtesy of Digi-Key. Like a magical artifact that can make your thoughts come to life, Digi-Key's encyclopedic catalog is there to help you pull your fantastic inventions from the land of ideas into concrete reality.


  • LED Glasses Kit - These come as a front plate containing 116 RGB LEDs and the side PCB that controls the designs
  • STEMMA QT Cable - Use this to connect the two PCBs together
  • Glasses Frames - These fashion glasses are in style if you want that chunky face-framing look. They're also great as a mechanical frame to attach the glasses PCBs to.
  • 3 x AAA Battery Holder and Batteries - This is your portable power pack for the LED glasses
  • JST PH Extension Cable - This cable is used to make it easier to clip the battery pack to your jacket or belt.
  • Small Cable Ties & Foam tape - These will let you securely attach the PCBs to the glasses frames.
  • Glasses Lanyard - Attach this to your glasses to keep em from accidentally falling on the ground when you're out and about
  • Prank Flies - If you ever have someone pick 'trick' instead of 'treat' you can sneak one of these onto their keyboard

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