There'll be a live unboxing with Ladyada on Thursday, June 22nd at 8 PM ET. Tune in here, or at the Adafruit YouTube channel to join the fun!


Sit down, strap in, and pump your Feather ecosystem up to 11. The last of our Feather-focused AdaBoxes has all the ingredients for a remote controlled music player, a Zen-inducing meditation machine, or your very own Radio Free Adafruit that streams tunes through the internet.

In honor of one year of AdaBoxes, Adafruit asks that you savor AdaBox004 and create whatever your ears can imagine.


Check out the AdaBox004 tutorial to flash your SD card with a brief meditative journey with Adafruit's own BartleBeats.

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For subscribers, a one-time use 10% off discount code has been added to the Adafruit account associated with your AdaBox order.

Adafruit asks that you share your enclosure designs as well as any AdaBox-specific music you've created on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Instagram with #adabox