3D Hangouts

With Pedro & Noe Ruiz

Hang out Noe & Pedro Ruiz every week and discover 3D printing at 11AM ET each Wednesday! Get your 3D news, projects, design tutorials and more each week on Google+ Hangouts On Air.

Each week on 3D Hangouts:

  • 3D News: all of the 3D news fit to print
  • Weekly Project Video: an original project featuring Adafruit electronics
  • Layer-by-layer: where we break down this week's project, revealing the design process and tips for making it your own
  • 3D Community Spotlight: celebrating projects and people that make the 3D community great!

We'll also share what's on our build platforms at the moment, sneak peeks of future projects, and throughout all of it, we’ll keep on printing. #3DThursday doesn't end with our hangout -- watch and share each week’s original project video on YouTube and tutorial on the Adafruit Learning System, as well as our #3DThursday blog coverage all day long. Subscribe to the Adafruit channel on YouTube and follow us on Google+ to catch future broadcasts.

We're warming up our printers, come hang out with us this week!



Noe Ruiz - Designer

Noe's been designing and publishing content since the age of fourteen. Noe has designed products in several different industries in creative mediums including UI design for iOS Apps, websites, and audio production for video games.


Pedro Ruiz - Creative Technologist

Pedro’s been a media designer since 1999. He's worked on a wide range of projects including iPhone apps, video games, 3D modeling, 3D Printing, video production, broadcast editing, animation, motion graphics, web design and social media content development.