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Image Description Part # & Datasheet Distributor Eagle lib
6mmswitch_t.jpg 6mm tactile switch
great for signalling
Generic (Omron B3F-1000) Mouser Digikey switch-omron:B3F-10XX
6mmtactra_t.jpg Right angle tactile switch
8.35mm long actuator
EVQ-PF008K Digikey switch-omron:B3F-31XX
Alternating action (push on/off) tactile switch Judco 50-0015-00 Digikey adafruit:SPDT-Judco

Slide switch

Image Description Part # & Datasheet Distributor Eagle lib
eg1213_t.jpg Right angle slide switch
C&K OS102011MA1QN1 Mouser Adafruit:OS102011MA1QN1
" Right angle slide switch
C&K OS102011MA1QS1 Mouser Adafruit:OS102011MA1QN1
slidevert_t.jpg SPDT switch with 0.1" leads
Great for breadboarding
E-Switch EG1218 Digikey Mouser Adafruit:EG1218
eg1213_t.jpg Right angle slide switch
We switched from these to the OS102's above
E-Switch EG1213 Digikey Adafruit:EG1213
High-current SPDT slide switch
0.1" pin spacing, rated for 4A. Nice snap action
APEM 25136NAH Digikey SteMarie:APEM-2513

Jumpers / Shunts

Where else would these go??

shunt_t.jpg Generic 0.1" shunt/jumper Digikey Mouser

Navigation Switches

These are multiple-switches in one. They're more expensive than a few tact switches but they are also much more elegant. Our favorite is the ALPS series in SMT and THM

Image Description Part # & Datasheet Distributor
skqucaa010.jpg THM 5-way nav with select SKQUCAA010 Mouser
skqudbe010.jpg SMT 5-way nav with select SKQUDBE010 Mouser
Mini SMT 5-way nav swith with select
has a nice topper!
TPA511GLFS Digikey (switch) and Digikey (cap)

Rotary Switches & Encoders

Image Description Part # & Datasheet Distributor Eagle lib
24 Pulse Rotary Encoder with Switch
Panel mount
PEC11 Datasheet Mouser piher::CI-11 (?)

(Originally for Alpha part, but same footprint)