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Kit packaging materials

Photo Item name Distributor & Part #
Black antistatic Foam Mouser 809-12350
Rectangular Stickies McMaster-Carr 75785T87
Square Stickies McMaster-Carr 75785T12
Small clear zip bags (3"x4")
Some small kits
ULine S-1292
Large clear zip bags (6"x9")
SpokePOVs, x0xb0x
ULine S-1296
Tiny silver bags (2"x3")
Shipping chips, etc.
HMC 3000-2X3 Allspec
Small silver bags (3"x5")
Mintyboost, Digg, TV-B-Gone kits…
HMC 3000-3X5 Allspec
Larger silver bags (4"x6")
MiniPOV, USBtinyISP kits…
HMC 3000-4X6 Allspec
Small bubble-bags (4"x5")
For Arduinos & LCDs
Uline S-680
Rubber bumper Mcmaster-carr 95495K66