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This is a list of the least expensive 'hobbyist' parts available from popular distributors such as Mouser, Digikey and Jameco. The aim is to provide a library of the most commonly used parts. So when you need a 100uF capacitor you can be sure that the links here will take you to the cheapest part.


Through Hole General Purpose


Mouser's in-house brand (Xicon) is inexpensive and good for general hacking. The "General Purpose" part numbers look like this: 140-XRLxxVyy-RC where xx is the voltage and yy is the capacitance. For example 150-XRL-50V1.0-RC is a 1.0uF/50V capacitor.

Digikey's cheapest brand is Panasonic KS, KA and M series. The part numbers look like ECE-A1CKA470U where the single letter encodes the voltage rating.

Not all values and voltages are shown on this table so be sure to check the Mouser catalog page , Digikey catalog page or Jameco catalog page for all possible capacitors

Ceramic capacitors


Standard ceramic 'blobby' bypass capacitors: good for high frequency filtering. Less leaky than electrolytic.

104cerm_t.jpg 1.0uF / 50V 10% AVX SR215E105MAR Mouser , Digikey Jameco
" 1.0uF / 50V -20%/+80% Digikey
" 0.1uF / 50V 20% AVX SR205E104MAR Mouser , Digikey , Jameco
" 0.1uF / 50V -20%/+80% reel Mouser
" 0.01uF / 100V Kemet C315C103K1R5TA Mouser , Digikey Jameco
kinkedcap_t.jpg 0.1uF 100V Generic Digikey Mouser
bluecerm_t.jpg 680pF ceramic capacitor Murata RPER72A681K2P1B03B Mouser Digikey
ceramicdisc_t.jpg 20pF ceramic disc capacitor Generic Mouser Digikey