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Skills Offered Hardware Engineer at Tyler Locke in New York 24-03-2015
Skills Offered Electronic Engineering Technician at Donald Jones, Anywhere 23-03-2015
Skills Offered PCB Design Engineer at Gary Denison in Southern California 13-03-2015
Skills Offered Maker and Materials Scientist at Bob Balsano, Anywhere 12-03-2015
Skills Offered Electrical Engineering Intern at Austin Marangoni in New York 09-03-2015
Skills Offered Electronic Engineering Technician at Donald Jones, Anywhere 07-03-2015
Skills Offered Web designer/C++ programmer at Logan Kulinski, Anywhere 06-03-2015
Skills Offered need programmer to make pixel program at ryan narain, Anywhere 03-03-2015
Skills Offered Custom Arduino-based boards at Dustin Ingersoll, Anywhere 01-03-2015
Skills Offered Experienced Maker and Multimedia Producer at Scott Tooby in Los Angeles, Anywhere 24-02-2015
Skills Offered Programmer/Maker with broad experience base at Rhett Clement, Anywhere 11-02-2015
Skills Offered volunteer needed at Bob Reinisch, Anywhere 02-02-2015
Skills Offered Cheap assembly at Dustin Ingersoll, Anywhere 22-01-2015
Skills Offered Looking to participate in BM project. at Grigoriy Romanovskiy in New York 19-01-2015
Skills Offered PIC program required at Jason, Anywhere 09-01-2015
Skills Offered Rhino 3d Modeler Seeks Work at Christopher Harris, Anywhere 07-01-2015
Skills Offered great designer at Samuel Walker, Anywhere 03-01-2015
Skills Offered architect and 3D artist at Claudio, Anywhere 02-01-2015
Skills Offered Nashville Tennessee USA at Denise Tinsley, Anywhere 31-12-2014