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Adafruit volume discounts and programs for educators

Adafruit offers volume discounts and special offers to educators purchasing Adafruit and Arduino products. Please contact if you're an educator and plan to place a large order for your students/workshops. The discount can be up to an additional 10% to 20% off plus quantity discounts depending on the purchase! Email us, we have team dedicated to working with you!

We work with universities, book stores, we accept purchase orders and for large orders we can also create custom packs depending on your needs. We offer quantity discounts as well as specific discounts for educators. Please contact us to learn about our special packs, discounts and more for workshops, classes and students!

Adafruit electronic kits, products, Arduino & Raspberry Pi products for education

Adafruit offers some of the best materials online to teach electronics, many educators use Adafruit's products and tutorials as curriculum for learning electronics. Adafruit currently provides some of the top resources for learning Arduino, the open-source prototyping platform. Adafruit is the #1 contributing company of Arduino libraries and has a fantastic assortment of official Arduino products. Adafruit is an authorized supplier of Arduino products, as well as having dozens of shields, sensors and other products to make teaching electronics fun and rewarding. Adafruit has also created an educational version of the Raspberry Pi operation system and educational products, tools & tutorials specifically for educators.

Adafruit products and Arduino for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Adafruit offers up our products, discounts, custom "packs" and tutorials in support of STEM programs for teachers and students at the U. S. Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, and other agencies that offer STEM related programs.

Adafruit iron-on "skill badges" / patches and partners

Adafruit offers fun and exciting "badges" of achievement for electronics, science and engineering. Please visit our badge section to purchase badges or contact us for more information on how educators can participate. We believe everyone should be able to be rewarded for learning a useful skill, a badge is just one of the many ways to show and share. From the "I CAN USE A LASER CUTTER" or "I CAN SOLDER" to "I LEARNED MICRO-CONTROLLERS" Adafruit has designed open-source badges to reward students, beginners and individuals who are learning with Adafruit products.

We provide free "requirement documents" for earning badges at the Adafruit Academy They're written by a real school teacher, teaching and rewarding kids with the Adafruit badging system! Visit the Adafruit Academy!


Resources for educators

Please feel free to visit the Adafruit tutorials, there over 100 tutorials specifically written for beginners. The tutorials are written and maintained by MIT engineer and Adafruit founder, Limor Fried.

Adafruit for educators forum on

Adafruit has a special new forum where educators can post questions, share information or get help with teaching electronics using Adafruit products. Our dedicated support team will help any educator that needs assistance with our products, around the clock, 24/7 - 365! Adafruit's "For Educators" forum.

Adafruit for educators content on

Adafruit has a special section of our blog completely devoted to educators call "Ask an educator" - it's written by Adam Kemp, a real school teacher, teaching kids STEM. You can ask questions, get answers and see the hundreds of resources we post throughout the school year and summer :) Adafruit's "Educators" content, resources and news!

Circuit Playground - iPad/iPhone App For Educators

Adafruit Circuit Playground

Circuit Playground is an app for educators, students, professionals and hobbyists that simplifies electronics reference & calculation so you can have more fun hacking, making, & building your projects! This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Circuit Playground is part of the Apple Educator's program and can be purchased at discounted volume rates.

"Very useful "by MakerMaker5 star reviews!
Incredibly handy for anyone working in electronics. Perfect for engineers and non-engineers alike.

"Just what this hobbyist needs" by JoshuaUnwin5 star reviews!
I love the clean look and focused tools in this app. It has earned a spot on my first home screen...

Circuit Playground simplifies electronics reference & calculation so you can have more fun hacking, making, & building your projects! This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

  • Decipher resistor & capacitor codes with ease
  • Calculate power, resistance, current, and voltage with the Ohm's Law & Power Calc modules
  • Quickly convert between decimal, hexadecimal, binary or even ASCII characters
  • Calculate values for multiple resistors or capacitors in series & parallel configurations
  • Store, search, and view PDF datasheets
  • Access exclusive sneak peaks, deals & discounts at Adafruit Industries
  • Eight Op Amp Circuits total – including such classics as: Inverting Amp, Non-inverting Amp, Summing Amp, Differentiator, Integrator, Differential Amp, Current Source, + a Buffer schematic thrown in for good measure.

Read more and see our video overview! - Circuit Playground

A message from our founder, Limor Fried

110Wired Our founder, Limor Fried, is a MIT trained engineer. She is the first female engineer on WIRED magazine's cover, named one of the "Most influential Women in Technology" by Fast Company and the winner of an EFF pioneer award for teaching and sharing electronics. She has been featured in hundreds of publications from Popular Science, New York Times to MAKE magazine. Here is a special message from her for educators wishing to use Adafruit products and Arduinos for education:

"Thank you for choosing Adafruit for your educator needs! At Adafruit we try our best to provide the best designed products, at great prices with the best support! Please feel free to post in our educator's forums if you have any questions, and thank you for inspiring and teaching the next generation of: artists, designers, engineers and scientists!" - Limor "Ladyada" Fried" - Founder, Adafruit Industries - MIT, EE/CS '05

Adafruit copyright permission for educators

Adafruit releases documentation under a Creative-Commons Share-alike, Attribution license. This allows educators to use Adafruit's tutorials without needing permission or to contact Adafruit. We want educators to use and share our tutorials and documentation, you're free to use them, remix them, print them and share them with your students. Feel free to contact us with any questions!