February 4, 2014 AT 1:13 pm

What happens when you drop a magnet inside a copper tube?

Watch as YouTube user HedgehogTH drops a neodymium magnet inside a large copper tube. We. Can’t. Stop. Watching.



  1. That is absolutely amazing! It actually defies gravity!

    If you could somehow rig that up in a bell jar pumped down to a vacuum I bet that magnet would stay suspended for many minutes.

    The second thought that occurred to me was just how much that hunk of copper must be worth. Several hundred dollars at least!

  2. Its not defying gravity its actually succumbing to is just like everything else, Granted at a slower rate ;) its just the electrical field/current generated that is allowing a repulse of the magnetic field to slow the decent. Granted at a slower rate ;) Lenz’s Law FTW!

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