January 21, 2014 AT 8:06 am

100,000 petitions for the USA to adopt the Metric system (in 1927)

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Metric system – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And from Popular Science, January 1928, proof that popular support for the metric system has existed in the United States for near one hundred years (if not more):

In 1927, several million persons, in more than 100,000 petitions, urged Congress to establish the metric system of weights and measures in the United States, according to the Metric Association. The General Federation of Women’s Clubs also has called on Congress to scrap our present measures such as yards, rods, gills and pennyweights… Many manufacturers here opposed the change, citing the cost of the conversion (article).

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  1. How can several million people send in 100.000 signatures.

  2. And here we are 87 years later and STILL using the “English” system (while even the ‘Empire’ has switched to metric!). Actually we’ve slowly been assimulated into using Metric since so many of the parts we use are made in “Metric” countries and dimensions are often given in both systems. The only real holdout are hardware items like screws and nuts. Sure, Metric sized HW is available at most HW stores in the US, but most products built here still use such sizes as 4-40, 6-32, etc…. Yet there ARE metric specifications for these as well!

    Most metal measuring tapes these days have BOTH scales on them. I need to buy myself a metric micrometer, The only one I have is still in decimal inches.

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