November 27, 2013 AT 2:47 pm

NEW PRODUCT – Professional Silicone-Tip Solder Sucker


NEW PRODUCT – Professional Silicone-Tip Solder Sucker – Ever go to a diner and they give you a bottle of ketchup and it says “Extra Fancy” and you’re thinking to yourself “what makes this ketchup ‘extra fancy’ anyhow?” Well, this professional grade solder sucker is “Extra Fancy” and there’s no question as to why. When you hold its machined aluminum body, you’ll think “Fancy!”, the smooth action and release is also “Fancy” and the replacable silicone rubber tip? “Extra Fancy!”

This Japanese upgrade to the classic $5 solder sucker is a joy to use. Since the tip is rubbery soft silicone you don’t have to worry about it melting. You also get a long tube in case it gets clogged or dirty.


To use, depress the end to engage the vacuum. Then heat up the to-be-desoldered joint until it is liquid. With your other hand hold the plastic tip as close as possible to the joint and depress the button to suck up all the liquid solder. If necessary, clean up the remaining solder with wick.

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  1. I’ve had to repair those $5 solder suckers when they got clogged. Then the little plastic bayonet pins break off and the “final” repair is to glue it back together with crazy glue one last time. Another one had the trigger release break off, it’s still usable, but you have to hold down the plunger with your thumb and kinda quickly release it to ‘fire’. Not to mention that you can’t find replacements for the molten tips that gradually get shorter until the internal metal piston sticks out of the thing.

    From the photos this one looks like it might out last three or four of the cheap Chinese tools. “Made in Japan” now has the same meaning as “Made in USA” once did. I’ll have to include one of these in my next order.

  2. It’s nice when hardware is beautiful beyond functional. I have a host of scarred suckers with melted tips. Some of the lighter models are also very difficult to use because they flinch back and away from the solder when the plunger launches.

    I’d still like to see replacement silicone tips for this before I buy one. I’m sure they’re more durable than my current gear, but stuff happens on a workbench and I don’t want to ruin a nice tool because of a chewy bit of silicone.

  3. Aaaaand I had some coffee. The tip is replaceable and the tube lets you make your own tips. It’s right there in the description.

    In for one, to soothe the shame.

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