November 25, 2013 AT 1:00 am

From the Forums: Tetris Pendant

Jeremy Smoyer shared his own spin on the Adafruit Trinket Gemma Space Invaders Pendant tutorial project: Tetris Pendant on the Adafruit Forums:

So I promised I’d make my wife I’d make her a space invaders pendant a little while back. Mostly so I could keep her happy and calm as little black boxes kept showing up at the house every week or so. It did the trick!! I showed it off at the high school where I teach math and am working pushing for STEAM education. Then, I took it down to her and she wore it for the day at the elementary school where she teaches art. We’ll let’s just say the little kids loved it!! So far she’s just had the stock Space Invaders code. However, tonight I whipped up some Tetris for her and have a Pacman version just about finished.

The version you all know from the learning system.

I”m torn between 3D printing and enclosure for it or just leaving it raw so the kids can check out the tech. I prepped a little box for it Friday after school but didn’t get enough time to print it before I left. Maybe tomorrow I’ll print it out just to see if I like the idea. Here’s the Tetris version….

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  1. Great looking project! Gives me an idea for my next project! The 8×8 display is just a little bit confining for Tetris, and I’d like to actually have the pendant be able to PLAY the game, so maybe I could add that 5 way push button you sell and stack two 8×8 led matrix displays (maybe the bi-color ones). Wonder if the code for that would fit in the ‘tiny85 or if I’d have to use a larger processor?

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