October 4, 2013 AT 1:00 am

Stereo Audio Board for Raspberry Pi @RaspberryPi #piday #raspberrypi


pasdesignal’s developed an audio “daughter board” for raspberry pi:

I intend to develop this as an open-source project, so follow along if you want to build one yourself. The smallest parts are 0805 so no problem for hand soldering. Version 1, using this WM8731 CODEC chip will be ready soon for public consumption. 9V DC supply (guitar pedal type) will power the whole board including the pi itself. You will spot some bodge-wires (how could I get the DC connector pins wrong???) and dirty hacks in the photo: this is definitely a work-in-progress!

Follow the project here!


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  1. The codec chip used on this board is really inexpensive (~$3 in Q1) and readily available (Mouser). There is a dev breakout board available for about $20. This chip looks like it would be a suitable replacement for the discontinued AD codec used on the Pic-a-Star software defined radio, ham transceiver (some major software and hardware redesign would be required).

    Team this chip up with any processor having good DSP ability and there is a lot you can do. DSP-PIC or ARM (Teensy 3.0 is good enough to do FFT) are ideas. Could probably use the Beagle Bone as well as the RPi. I wonder if the BB or RPi with this board, an LCD and a few control switches would make a good platform for Rockbox?

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