September 26, 2013 AT 10:23 am

Eagle PCB Design Software + Open Hardware Community – An interview


Eagle PCB Design Software and its legacy in the Open Hardware Community – An interview | Open Electronics.

Eagle PCB Design Software it’s hugely adopted across the Open Source Software community: surely many of you already used Eagle to create boards and circuitry and the Eagle format has become sort of a standard in the maker community to share design openly.

Because of this huge penetration in the community, we decided to dig a little more in deep in Eagle Software plans and views to allow our readers to have a more detailed glance about the software future.

For this reason we interviewed CadSoft Computer GmbH managing director Thomas Liratsch.

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  1. Eagle’s non-commericial license is a reasonable way for a hobbiest to learn the tool and produce boards for his own use. However IMHO, the cost of even the minimal commericial license is a bit steep for a hobbiest that wants to dip his toe in the water of a commericial open source venture.

    I’d like to see Eagle offer an intermediate cost option for open source startups. IE: If you publish the Eagle CAD files for any item that you sell, including any libraries that you create, then your startup commerical venture would qualify for a reduced cost commerical license. Other reasonable limits could be placed on the license, such as term, number of projects, or sales volume ($) before upgrading to a full commericial license would be required.

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