August 21, 2013 AT 11:24 am

Quin Etnyre Featured on @PopSci #WearableWednesday


A 12-Year-Old’s Quest To Remake Education, One Arduino At A Time” on Popular Science:

Quin Etnyre walks to the front of a crowded room at Deezmaker 3D Printers and Hackerspace in Pasadena, California. He adjusts his laptop on the workbench, then looks up and addresses the class. “Thanks for coming out on a Saturday,” he says, his voice barely audible over the steady hum of servomotors. The students, 18 middle-aged men and preteen boys, look on as Quin straightens his MIT T-shirt and swipes an index finger across an iPod. The screen behind him flashes “Intro to Arduino Class.”

He explains to the group, which includes a toy maker, an engineer, and a high-school electronics teacher, that he’ll be showing them how to program an Arduino—a $30 microcontroller board that can convert sensory inputs into outputs, making objects interactive. “First I want to demonstrate some cool things I made that you can make too,” he says, reaching into a backpack. Two men stop whispering and turn toward him. Quin pulls out the FuzzBot, a bug-eyed, four-wheeled robot slightly smaller than a shoebox. Then he holds up a baseball cap with LEDs stitched into the fabric.


LED “Gas Cap”


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  1. The photo of Quin licking a nine volt battery brought back a funny moment from my Jr. High School science fair. This was in the 1960′s mind you. Someone had brought in a home brew one tube radio. It used a 1U4 tube, and used both a “D” cell for the filament, and a 67.5 volt “B” battery, which looks like an over grown transistor radio nine volt with a larger connector on top. (Back then we still had BOTH kind of radios and batteries).

    To make a long story short, though you have probably guessed this already, someone (NOT ME!) tried to test the 67.5 volt battery with their tongue! (VERRRRY sour taste in his mouth for a week!).

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