August 15, 2013 AT 2:08 pm

Tektronix 2213 Teardown


Kerry Wong decided to take a look inside an old Tektronix 2213 and share his findings.

I love old Tektronix analog oscilloscopes and I could not seem get enough of them. So when I saw a cheap “untested, unknown working condition” Tektronix 2213 listed on eBay recently, I just could not resist the temptation to grab it.

Unlike the Tektronix 2445 I got earlier, Tektronix 2213 is a no-frills basic 2 channel 60MHz bandwidth scope with limited delayed time base capability, and thus is pretty easy to service.


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  1. I have two old Tek scopes, a 454, and a 465. Both are fully functional, but the 454 is a bit dirty and some of the lettering on the front panel is a bit faded.

    The 454 can be a beast to work on since some of it can not be reached without major disassembly. The 465 is a bit better designed in this regard.

    I got the 454 from a company employee auction years ago (complete with a rolling stand, manual, probes, and a viewing hood). The 465 was bought off ebay from a guy who restores and sells various Tek equipment (mostly 465 and 475 scopes) who had 100% perfect feedback. He supplied the scope with a complete manual on CD rom, and a pair of decent after market probes.

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