June 7, 2013 AT 6:30 am

1930′s Teletype USB interface

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1930′s Teletype USB interface @ NYC Resistor.

Both the high voltage and the custom baud rate issues are a bit cumbersome, so I thought there must be a better way. USB ports will output about 5 W, so I figured that would be close enough to drive the magnet if I could produce sufficiently high voltage. Using Adafruit’s boost converter calculator, I came up with some rough numbers and built a circuit that handles both the slow baud rate and voltage required to interface with the teletype


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  1. A friend of mine (WA2IYH at the time) had a RTTY setup in his ham shack back in the 70′s. He had the matching paper tape punch and reader as well as the model 15 (with keyboard). What a noisy contraption it was! He’d be at it for hours exchanging RTTY ‘pictures’ over the air with other hams. The modem used on ham radio was a batch of 88mh toroid coils and a few power tubes (6V6′s) driving the magnets. I remember using a DEC LSI-11 to translate Baudot to ASCII and act as an RTTY setup over the air.

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