February 12, 2013 AT 4:01 pm

Widerstand ist Zwecklos: An Ohmmeter Color Code Lamp

Sebastian created Widerstand ist Zwecklos, an ohmmeter lamp that displays resistor color codes. He writes:

“Widerstand ist zwecklos” is german for “resistance is futile”, but also “resistor is useless”, which is absolutely the point in this project. i teamed up with my dear friend jan and we created a device that measures resistance and displays it as a resistor color code. an optional cheat mode also displays the resistance as a decimal number. needless to say it is shaped like a giant resistor.

More build photos and details in his blog post.

[via HaD]


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  1. That is such a cool idea. I wish I had thought of that! I can see using the Arduino A/D and 9 PWM channels (might need the Mega for that) to control three tri color led’s.
    Simply Brilliant!

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