December 31, 2012 AT 1:30 am

Rudolph Lunar Lander


Rudolph Lunar Lander with downloadable reindeer horns pattern at Sparkle Labs!


Papertronics – Lunar Modules! Papertronics by Sparkle Labs are paper toys with paper electronic circuits in them. The Lunar Landers come in a pack of three. Spaceboy, Alien Girl and Tabula Rasa. Tabula Rasa is blank and can be designed by you.

Turn them into a cool night light, partylights or a fun additions to a room or desk. When the spaceships are put in their landers one way, they light up. Turn them another way and they are off. Fold them yourself- they come pre-cut. Fun DIY with paper and electronics. Follow along with the instructional video.


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